Take your first steps in Early Childhood Education

Start date: Fall 2022
Cost: FREE
Duration: 90 hours (22.5 hours per week for 4 weeks)
Language of instruction: English

Program description: The First Steps to an early Childhood Education Profession college certificate prepares individuals to begin a career in a daycare setting as an “éducateur (rice) non-qualifié”. The certificate is designed to allow individuals to gain a basic understanding of the role of an educator in a daycare.

Following the successful completion of the college certificate, individuals can begin a career in a daycare* or may wish to further their education in the field by obtaining a college diploma that would allow them to then hold the title of “éducateur (rice) qualifié”.

Intended audience: Individuals who have an interest in working with children in a daycare setting (0-5 years of age) and who do not have any formal training in early childhood education.

Competencies covered in the college certificate:

  • Knowledge of the profession
  • Knowledge of key elements aimed at the child’s wellbeing, health, and safety in a daycare setting.
  • Knowledge of key elements to adopting an educational approach in childcare
  • Knowledge of key elements aimed at the preventive approach in childcare
  • Childcare CPR certification

*while this certificate allows a person to begin working in the field, employers may have other hiring requirements not covered by the college certificate.

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