3D Modeling

Blender – Level 1

Blender is one of the most popular open-source 3D animation softwares available. This course aims to allow the participant to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to use the functions of the Blender software: modeling, animation, and rendering in 3D.

Starts February 1, 2022!$60 (if deemed eligible)



This course aims to give the participant the basic knowledge necessary to accomplish accounting tasks such as bookkeeping.

Starts October 18th, 2021!$60 (if deemed eligible)

Sage 50

This course aims to give the participant the basic knowledge necessary to use the functions of the Sage 50 software, such as: invoicing, payments and tax management.

Starts February 8, 2022!$60 (if deemed eligible)

Game Engine

Unity – Level 1

This course aims to equip the participant with the basic knowledge necessary to use the functions of Unity software which is one of the most widely used in the video game industry. Prerequisite: Good knowledge of Blender.

Starts January 22, 2022!$60 (if deemed eligible)

Issue Tracking

Jira – Level 1

This hands-on training course helps you learn the basics of Jira, a popular tool for issue tracking and agile project management. Built for any user, this course covers all the features needed to manage projects and tasks in Jira.

Starts November 2, 2021!$30 (if deemed eligible)


Français des affaires – intermédiaire

Ce cours de français s’adresse aux personnes à la recherche de perfectionnement en langue française dans un contexte professionnel. Les étudiants de niveaux intermédiaires et avancés développeront davantage leurs habilités à présenter en français, rédiger des documents professionnels, et évaluer leur syntaxe et grammaires afin d’atteindre un niveau fonctionnel en français professionnel.

Starts October 25th, 2021!$40 (if deemed eligible)


PowerPoint (English)

Practice using useful PowerPoint tools and functions to prepare creative designs and slides. Gain a good understanding of the various PowerPoint tools, and how they can be used to create impactful and professional PowerPoint presentations.

Starts January 25th, 2022!$15 (if deemed eligible)

Dynamisez vos présentations avec Prezi

Présentez vos idées de manière innovante et dynamique plutôt que qu’avec des diapositives ennuyeuses. Prezi utilise un grand canevas qui vous permet de faire un panoramique et un zoom sur différentes parties du canevas et de mettre en valeur les idées qui y sont présentées.

Starts October 19, 2021!$15 (if deemed eligible)


C# – Level 1

C# is one of the most popular programming languages and can be used for a variety of things, including mobile applications, game development, and business software. Knowing C# opens many doors. This course will expose participants to the fundamental programming concepts using C#.

Starts February 14, 2022!$45 (if deemed eligible)

Issue Tracking

Java – Level 1

Take your first step towards software development with this introduction to Java – one of the most in-demand programming languages and the foundation of the Android operating system.

Starts October 18th, 2021!$45 (if deemed eligible)

Python – Level 1

This goal of this course is that participants acquire the necessary knowledge for basic programming with the python language. The participant will learn to use the object-oriented approach with python and will be introduced to the specifics of the language.

Starts March 8th, 2021!$45 (if deemed eligible)